Source: Huawei Moves To Dodge Google Ban Just As U.S. Fight Gets Personal | Zak Doffman | Forbes

When is a new phone not a new phone? That question was front of mind when Chinese tech giant Huawei unveiled its P30 Lite New Edition last week—the latest rebadge of a phone originally launched before the Trump administration’s Google ban took hold. More storage, more RAM, more marketing. But, essentially, a year-old device wrapped in new clothing. It’s a little cynical, a little farcical, and it can’t go on forever.

You can see the issue. Huawei launched its flagship Mate 30 in September, its first device to ship without Google onboard, and despite the sales momentum in China, it has fallen flat internationally. The P40 is due soon. A repeat would be a serious setback for any Huawei aspirations to shore up smartphone sales this year.